Personalised Superherbal Blend

We don't believe in multivitamins. We believe that your supplements should only contain ingredients that you realy need, in their best form. At HealthRecover, we're 100% focused on formulating what's right for you. 

Why Personalised Superherbal Blend?

The Personalised Super Herbal Blend is a formulation of 8 to 23 adaptogenic herbs, nootropics and nervines, fully tailored to meet your body's needs, health condition and individual health goals.

Can anyone take the Superherbal Blend?

The Personalised Superherbal Blend can be taken daily and at any stage of life. It is suitable for anyone suffering from health disorders, as well as for those who enjoy good health and want to maintain it further. Plus, the Personalised Superherbal Blend is the perfect follow-up to the Personalised 40-Day HealthRecover Program.

How do I get my Personalised Superherbal Blend?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to recovering health and maintaining it balanced. That's why we start with an in-depth health and wellness assessment, look at your results with special emphasis on unfavourable predispositions, analyse the factors that most strongly affect your health and wellness, and use it to build your Personalised Superherbal Blend.
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