Personalised 40-day HealthRecover Bundle

We are on a mission to enable every person to achieve their best health through an Ayurveda-inspired, science-led and results-driven holistic approach.

In just 40 days, you can:

✅ Improve Your Health
✅ Reduce Stress & Anxiety
✅ Boost Your Immunity
✅ Balance Your Hormones
✅ Manage Your Body Weight
✅ Reduce Bloating & Inflammation
✅ Enjoy Better Sleep
✅ Increase Your Energy Levels
✅ Rejuvenate on a cellular level
✅ Prevent future health imbalances

What's included in my Personalised HealthRecover Bundle?

Personalised Superfood Supplement Box – contains your truly personalised 40-day supply of adaptogenic superfood supplements packed in convenient daily packs, and delivered straight to your door. 

Personalised Health & Wellness eGuide – This downloadable eBook enables you to assess your habits for all key aspects of your everyday life and make informed decisions about the right nutrition, healthy eating pattern, lifestyle, activity and much more, tailored to your unique body-mind needs.

What happens during the Personalised 40-day HealthRecover program?

The body goes through 7 main stages of purification, nourishment and cellular regeneration. The first 5 days prepare your body. Each subsequent 5-day stage purifies, nourishes and regenerates a specific body system:

Day   1 - 5: Detox
Day   6-10: Digestive system and plasma
Day 11-15: Blood, circulatory system, and adjacent organs
Day 16-20: Muscles
Day 21-25: Fat (Adipose tissue)
Day 26-30: Bones
Day 31-35: Bone marrow
Day 36-40: Reproductive system and adjacent organs

Can anyone follow the program?

The Personalised HealthRecover program can be applied repeatedly and at any stage of life. It is suitable for anyone suffering from health disorders, as well as for those who enjoy balanced health and want to maintain it further.

How do I get my Personalised 40-day HealthRecover Bundle?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to recovering health and maintaining it balanced. That's why we start with an in-depth health and wellness assessment, look at your results with special emphasis on unfavourable predispositions, analyse the factors that most strongly affect your health and wellness, and use it to build your personalised superfood routine and recommendations for optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyle into one wholesome strategy for remaining healthy and happy.
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