Our Superfoods


Clean and Healthy

Our herbs are USDA certified organically grown and sustainably harvested. Our herbal formulations have been proved by the latest scientific studies, followed by the highest manufacturing standards (GMP).

The herbs selected for our products are produced without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMOs or ionizing radiation. All of our superfood formulations are organic, vegan/vegetarian suitable and 100% free from synthetic fillers, bulking agents, sugar, gluten, artificial colours and preservatives.

Sustainably Sourced

Our superfoods are grown with love, using ethically and environmentally friendly methods to enhance the harvest for future generations. We celebrate the use of ecologically friendly farming methods to ensure our herbs, land and people are happy and healthy.

Through the use of certified raw materials, we reduce our environmental impact. For example, the card we use in our packaging and shipping boxes is FSC certified, which means it comes from trees from responsibly managed forests.


Fairly Traded

Environmental impact is important to us but we are also working hard to empower and support individuals and communities who are impacted by our supply chain.

The growers of our herbs are not only paid a fair and stable price for their crops, they are also given extra income to improve their quality of life.