We believe our mission of putting better health in your hands is much important than ever. Our service is running as normal and we aim to help you boost your immune system and maintain good health and well-being during this pandemic.

According to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), the chances of contracting COVID-19 from an inanimate object are very low. However, we are constantly monitoring the situation and any official advice issued in connection with the pandemic. We are taking sensible measures to protect our customers and staff.

We believe that maintaining a strong immune system and good personal hygiene is fundamental to fighting the virus during a pandemic. Personalised nutrition, superfood supplements and sports do help support your immune function. These are services we passionately offer as they provide valuable recommendations about many aspects of your health.

However, your immune system is incredibly complex, so even if you are in your very best health condition, consider preventing yourself from becoming infected by avoiding exposure. We suggest you review the WHO website for the latest advice in this regard. Get the latest NHS information and advice about coronavirus.